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The Hamlet Voyage - Performance & Education

The Hamlet Voyage - Performance & Education

Coming Summer 2022 to the Bristol Harbour Festival

The Hamlet Voyage is a new play about the first written record of a performance of Hamlet, acted by sailors in 1607 off the coast of Sierra Leone for local West African dignitaries, on the first English voyage to reach India.


• New play by Rex Obano about Hamlet being

performed by sailors in Sierra Leone in 1607

• Scenes in the Mughal court in New Delhi

• Before colonisation of India or English

involvement in transatlantic slave trade


• 4 sessions, 1.5 hours each

• Three threads:

– History (Seafaring, Sierra Leone, Mughal Empire)

– Performance (Drumming, African Storytelling,

Shakespeare, Sea Shanties)

– Creative Writing (Ship Logs, African Parables, Poetry)

• Online Component:

– Interactive website with voyage map

– Literature and historical documents

– Opportunities for students to share writing

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